The Utility 23 PRO is made especially for medium sized engines.

This boat delivers outstanding good quality and value for money with the new Mercury 115 PRO XS. With a very efficient hull together with a light and powerful engine, this combines good performance, unbeatable fuel economy and low noise level. Very few (or none) other 23 foot cabin boats have been able to deliver this kind of performance from a 115 hp engine. The Utility PRO version has a top speed of 42 knots and fuel consumption down to 0.55 l/nm at planning speeds. The PRO version can also be delivered with a Mercury F-150 EFI.

A high performance edition, „Sport Utility 23“ is reinforced by using some vinylester and is special “tuned” for high performance use. This model will be powered by a supercharged Verado engine with 200 to 300 hp. On request it will also be delivered as an R-23 edition with a Verado 400R from Mercury’s racing department (delivered only to qualified customers with the necessary high speed experience).


"Simplify, then add lightness"

Colin Chapman’s famous mantra has been the inspiration for the new Cormate Utility 23 series.

The aim has been to create a simple and minimalistic boat, but with quality, finish and details that

belongs at the top level of the premium class. This is true Cormate quality in every detail.

The extreme efficiently of the Utility 23 has been made possible by simplifying and lightening all parts

of the boat. There are no unnecessary panels and every square centimeter of laminate is designed to be minimized, yet the outside areas are larger than on many other boats in this class. Needless decoration or „design gimmick“ is completely absent. Here, it’s all about efficiency and function.


Although simplification has been prioritized, the hull itself is highly advanced. Never before have Cormate boats racing genes been more apparent. Extremely low weight and a new and revolutionary central ventilated „Monostep“ (developed by Cormate) provides an efficiency that until now has been impossible to achieve with this size and type of boat. By this central ventilation of the step through the self-drainage system (one of many double functions) it was possible to construct a much shorter and narrower step than normal. The Monostep construction reduces the risk of oversteer and „Spin Out“ at high speeds, a well known drawback on some stepped hull constructions.

By making the last part of the bow straighter, the hull’s effective water length is increased, but not to the extreme that the bow’s angel of attack does not provide enough hydrodynamic lift when diving in to large waves – or making it difficult when going ashore on rocky shorelines. Utility 23 also has an aggressive delta-bottom construction (hull width decreases fast toward the bow), but has still a relatively moderate deadrise progression compared to many other modern hulls. The combination provides a precise and soft ride without an unforgiving „double rudder“ effect. This further reduces the risk of the bow to oversteer in following swells or a „Spin Out“ at high speeds.

The combination of the Monostep construction, the aggressive delta shape and the sharp 24.5 degree Vee, ensures sporty performance and comfort far beyond what’s usual in this class. The cost-effective simplified and smart production methods, makes the boat very affordable even with the high level of quality. Combined with the light weight and super efficient hull it’s also very economical to own.


Utility 23 has a sheltered sunbathing area in the front which can also be used as a flat and steady platform for fishing or as a boarding platform. The bow cushion is in two parts, one can be ladi upon the other to prevent walking on the cushions when accessing the boat at the bow. The U23 has a large rear activity platform that can be used as backseat and bathing area bench or easily transformed to a big sheltered sun bed. The bathing bench and platform is generously sized and suitable for all types of activity; bathing, watersport, diving and fishing.



The cabin has accommodation for two, with two side lockers for hanging up jackets and placing bags and gear. Additionally there is storage space under both the floor panels and large luggage compartment under the double bed. We can also fit a concealed flush toilet with holding tank and through hull discharge.

A quickly mounted canopy is an optional item (with wiper kit), and a permanently placed stainless steel canopy rail is elegantly integrated to the design, the fabric is easily stored under the floor panel in the cabin.


  • More speed and lower fuel consumption than inboard engines.
  • Lower service costs, but often higher insurance cost. Often very similar total owning cost as inboard.
  • Lighter total boat weight (suitable for trailing)
  • The engine can be tilted completely out of the water, no need for antifouling or cleaning of the lower section/propeller.


  • Servo steering
  • Instruments
  • Automatic fire extinguisher
  • Manual fire extinguisher
  • 3 x 12V power supply
  • Stainless handrails
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Automatic bilge pump, self-draining cockpit
  • Sun cushions, cushions and lights in cabin
  • White Gelcoat


Length:715 cm
Width:235 cm
Weight from:750 kg
Depth:ca 60 cm
Fuel tank:150 l
Top speed:40-46 knots (Sport Utility 60-80 knots)
Designer:Egil Ranvig



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